Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte Ltd, visited RASTEK Technologies

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June 10, 2011
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February 3, 2012

Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte Ltd, visited RASTEK Technologies

Mr. Norman Lim, Regional Sales Manager of Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte Ltd, visited RASTEK Technologies, Headquarters Karachi.

Apart from various business aspects, which were discussed, M/s. Yokogawa, a highly reputed Test & Measuring equipment manufacturer from Japan, introduced two new very useful products for Industry and Academia for engineering university labs.

Details of the new products are being attached herewith for your ready reference.

Should you have any query about these equipment and for other Yokogawa Test & Measuring products range. Please feel free to contact Mr. Mahesh @ mahesh@rastek.com & info@rastek.com.


RASTEK Technologies is mainly dealing in Electronic Systems,Special purpose Computers, Software and Peripherals. Technical Training Equipment with full facilities of installation, Maintenance, Comprehensive after sales support and Servicing of Specialized Electronic Systems, advanced EDA and Engineering Softwares. M/s. RASTEK Technologies is Yookogawa’s sole distributor for its entire Test & Measuring equipment / solutions and specialized recorder, for industry and Academia.

About Yokogawa, Japan

M/s. Yokogawa, Tokyo Japan, is a highly reputed Test & Measuring, control & IT technologies company, which employees about 20 thousands persons worldwide, with operations in about 32 countries and enjoys worldwide reputation for its quality products.

Yokogawa is completing its transformation from hardware provider to solution provider with the aim of strengthening its capability to propose to its customers a comprehensive range of solutions spanning the fields of test and measurement, industrial automation and control, and information systems. This is the essential feature of Yokogawa’s Enterprise Technology Solutions (ETS) business concept. ETS has the aim of presenting customers with optimum solutions for issues that can occur at any level in a company’s operations, from management to research & development and production. It encompasses the entire range of corporate activities so that objectives such as increasing efficiency and reducing costs can be attained in a comprehensive way


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