Phywe ISPM 2013

In-house seminar at RASTEK Technologies on Emerging Control Technologies
May 2, 2013
LED Display Board Installed at M/S. Fatima Fertilizer
December 21, 2013

Phywe ISPM 2013

14TH June 2013

Mr. Rafiq Ahmed  Lakhani, Chief Executive Officer, RASTEK Technologies and Mr. Mahesh Kumar, Sales Executive attended the M/s. PHYWE’s. (The World leader in Natural and Applied Sciences) their International Sales Partner meetings and PHYWE’S 100 years Anniversary Celebrations from 7th of June to 10th June 2013 at Gottingen, Germany.

The magnificent event was attended by Dignitaries, Scientist, engineers and Phywe’s International Sales partners from around 62 countries,all across the Globe.

Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Lakhani, congratulate Mr. Lucas Nulle, Chairman of Lucas Nulle Group and Mr. Klaus Elias, Managing Director, M/s. Phywe Systems GMBH.

Stay current with our and Phywe’s news letter as Phywe is going to unveil many new and innovative products for the learning and teaching of Natural and Applied Science in near future for Medicine, Biomedical and Renewable Energy technologies.

Some Glimpses of the Memorable events are being attached herewith.

Mr Rafiq ahmed Lakhani and Mr Mahesh Kumar At Phywe ISPM 2013


Listening Key-note Speech by Mr. Lucas-Nulle


Welcome address by Mr. Lucas- Nulle at Deutsches Theater, Goettingen. Germany


Special Address by Madam Tanya Gonner Board Spoke Person of GIZ GMBH at Deutsches Theater, Goettingen. Germany


Speech by Prof. Dr. Peter Dolff, Chairman, Advisory Board Lacus-Nulle at Deutsches Theater, Goettingen. Germany



A Chat with Mr. Lacus-Nulle Chairman, LN Group and President Mrs, Phywe GMBH Germany


Group Photo


PHYWE Products are used for Teaching, Training and Research all over the World From Schools to Universities. Across the globe PHYWE is one of the preferred suppliers for all products and services needed for the teaching of pure science and its technical applications in schools, colleges and universities. PHYWE solutions are outstanding in terms of quality, innovation and value for money. They are continuously useful and of great value to all their users.

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