Visit at ASM Assembly Systems Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) towards offering total solution for electronics manufacturing & Assembly

Visit at NUTEK (Singapore) towards offering total solution for electronics manufacturing & Assembly
July 18, 2018
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July 24, 2018

Visit at ASM Assembly Systems Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) towards offering total solution for electronics manufacturing & Assembly

A world renowned company “ASM Assembly Systems Pte. Ltd.” conducted a three weeks long training session at well equipped “ASM SMT Training & Application Center”. From June 26th, 2018 to July 13th, 2018 team of engineers from RASTEK Technologies were guest at their company and get acquainted with technical training on DEK Micron Series PCB Printers & Siplace X-Series S; a component placement machine, Siplace Pro, Setup Center and Siplace Explorer. Engr. Sohail Rahman and Engr. Khan Afsar Khan successfully completed this training with the completion of multiple tasks from ASM experts.


ASM Pacific Technology Pte. Ltd. is a subsidiary of ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG Within the group, ASM Assembly Systems represents the SMT Solutions business segment with the SIPLACE Placement Solutions and DEK Printing Solutions Divisions. ASM Believe in the concept of thinking globally and act locally. With its global organisation, ASM Assembly Systems provides its customers all over the world with quick and around the clock access to development, sales, services and support resources in their respective regions in accordance with the “one face to the customer” principle. The organizational structures and procedures in the regional structure are based on global standards.


During the training, Engineers utilized a distinct chance to learn the core competencies of the company i.e. Printing Solutions, Placement Solutions, Line Solutions (Production Planning and Scheduling, Setup Preparation and Product Change over, Inventory Material Management, Data Management), Process Support Products (Stencils & Screens, Vector Guard Stencil, Consumables), Service and Support ( Technical Service, Capabilities Transfer, Options tools and Spare Parts), Planning, NPI-RAMP UP, Production, Optimization. Also the concerning parts of machinery were briefly introduced and engineers theirs hands-on with CPP Head, Twin Head, Gentry and Feeders.


With a very simple and common vision of RASTEK and ASM, It would be very beneficial to produce a fruitful result after the acquisition of this training as it will helps RASTEK to create awareness and utilization of high level machines of mass production to the industrial sector and provide the best possible services and solutions here in Pakistan. Thus, flourish latest technology trends at far to compete with fast growing development of modern technological world.




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