Visit at 12th ASEAN Skill Competition:

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September 7, 2018
Visit at Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology
September 12, 2018

Visit at 12th ASEAN Skill Competition:


RASTEK Technologies represents Pakistan at 12th ASEAN Skill Competition on the special request from our Principal M/s Yalong. RASTEK Technologies being guest receives great honour and respect.

Among friends from MS Yalong intelligent Education Group with Chairman and G.M of Yalong Group, One of the largest Maker of Teaching and training equipment from China.

Various professors from different Chinese Universities also attended the Grand Event. All ASEAN countries are working hard for Promotion of Higher Vocational trainings as a well thought Policy. Integration of resources of Enterprises, Industries, Institutes and Universities seems to be a Key Objective and solution.

RASTEK Technologies with its aim in development of education in Pakistan, building relations to bring the latest exposure to Schools, Colleges and Universities.


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