Cisco buys Luxtera

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December 19, 2018
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December 31, 2018

Cisco buys Luxtera

“Our customers are looking to address the unrelenting demand for more bandwidth driven by an emerging class of distributed cloud, mobility, and IoT applications,’ says Cisco’s Rob Salvagno (pictured), “simply put, the exponentially growing demands on the network require a new era of networking,”

“That’s why today we announced our intent to acquire Luxtera, a privately-held semiconductor company that uses silicon photonics technology to build integrated optics capabilities for webscale and enterprise data centers, service provider market segments, and other customers. Luxtera’s technology, design and manufacturing innovation significantly improves performance and scale while lowering costs,” says Salvagno.

@As system port capacity increases from 100GbE to 400GbE and beyond, optics plays an increasingly important role in addressing network infrastructure constraints, particularly density and power requirements” concludes Salvagno.

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