August 30, 2018

Plugo AR Gaming System Aims To Make Screen Time Fun And Educational For Kids

Kids on average spend at least two hours every day staring at a screen. If they are going to spend so much time staring at a […]
July 24, 2018

How a hologram can help humanity

At some point, we’ve all felt like it’s difficult to keep up with the pace and demands of modern life. We find ourselves constantly working, exercising, […]
June 25, 2018

Insights Into Early STEM Learning

An often-cited statistic is that the human brain grows to 90% of its adult size by age 5. Early childhood is also critical for the healthy development of synapses — […]
June 25, 2018

Small industrial robot race heats up at Automatica

A FANUC industrial robot nonchalantly lifts a BMW SUV high into the air at Automatica 2018 – safely out of harms way, of course. Meanwhile, small […]