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Industrial Electrical and Electronics Exhibition of Pakistan 2014

IEEEP Exhibition 2014
Industrial Electrical and Electronics Exhibition of Pakistan 2014
Expo Center, Karachi
September 9-11, 2014

Rastek Technologies have always remained a pioneer distributor of quality educational, research and engineering equipments to industry, education and defense organizations. In the strive towards achieving milestones for the Electronics and Electrical industry of Pakistan, Rastek Technologies have always remained forefront and have actively represented quality principals.

As a part of our long lasting and loyal relationship to the Electrical and Electronics Industry of Pakistan, Rastek Technologies participated as a sponsor in the biggest Electronics and Electrical Exhibition of Pakistan, namely IEEEP (Industrial Electronics and Electrical Exhibition of Pakistan) 2014, which was held at Karachi Expo Center, from 9-11 September 2014. Rastek Technologies showcased its state of the art educational and industrial equipments from our renowned principals and received commendable response from the visitors and other participants. The stall was frequently visited by renowned industries professionals, students and as well as by many engineers who came to inquire about our respective principals and our training facilities.

Rastek Technologies official online portal of electronics embedded kits for engineering students, www.rastek.pk, was also launched at this occasion which attracted the attention the students from various universities, both at the graduate and undergraduate level.

Rastek Technologies is glad to be associated with the IEEEP (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Pakistan) body of Pakistan and its enthusiasm to support the Electrical and Electronic industry of Pakistan with the most updated and latest technological innovation will continue to grow with time.

Some Glimpses taken from the IEEEP Expo 2014 is given below:

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Branch manager Rastek Technologies Karachi Mr.Mahesh Kumar Receiving shield from Engr.Mohsin M. Syed CEO National Industrial Parts & Chief Guest IEEEP Expo 2014


Rastek Engineer Engr.Muhammad Mubarak Ali giving product information to visitors


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