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6th October 2016, Karachi

RASTEK Technologies and MapleSoft, jointly conducted Seminars at different educational Institutes in Pakistan. It was a 3 days Roadshow and the main purpose of this is to give the understanding of  E-Learning courseware knowledge to the students as well as faculty.

Maple is a symbolic and numeric computing environment, and multi-paradigm programming language. Maplesoft products are essential tools for researchers, teachers, and students in any mathematical or technical discipline.Maple is used by more than 8000 educational institutions, research labs and companies in over 90 countries.


On 1st day the Roadshow, MapleSoft s conducted three seminars at different universities of Karachi.

  • Seminar at Karachi University:

First seminar of Day-1 was conducted in Basic Science Department of KARACHI UNIVERSITY, where Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Physics and Faculty of Chemistry attended this seminar.


Group photo with MapleSoft Director (Dr. Asim Ghous) and Faculty of Science at Karachi University


MapleSoft Director (Dr. Asim Ghous) is giving training to Faculty of Basic Sciences at Karachi University

  • Seminar at IBA (Institute of Business Administration):

Second seminar of this day was conducted at mathematics department of IBA (Institute of Business Administration, where Dean and Faculty of Mathematics Department and their students have attended this seminar.


Group photo with MapleSoft Director (Dr. Asim Ghous) and Faculty of Mathematics at IBA

  • Seminar at DUET (Dawood University of Engineering and Technology)

Third and last seminar of Day-1  was organized at Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, where the Chairman of Petroleum Engineering, Chairman of Computer Science, Chairman and Faculty of Industrial Electronics, Chairman and Faculty of Basic Sciences, Chairman and Faculty of Mining and also honorable Vice Chancellor of Dawood University of Engineering and Technology were attended this seminar.


MapleSoft Director (Dr. Asim Ghous) conducting seminar at Dawood University,  Vice Chancellor of Dawood University was also present in this Seminar