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MCCT-14 First International Conference

26th-28th February 2014, Nawabshah

The First edition of the MCCT (International Conference on Modern Communication and Computer Technologies) was organized by the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Systems Engineering of Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology (QUEST), at Nawabshah, Pakistan from 26th to 28th February, 2014.

The conference targeted and addressed many innovative and novel aspects of technology and applications in the broader fields of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering and brought renowned leading researchers, engineers, academicians & scientists from around the world on one platform. MCCT brought together professionals and many great scholars of the technical world to highlight the importance & many technical innovations of the current millennia. The conference was held in a spectacular manner and every participant witnessed one of the most successful and productive event.

Rastek technologies, serving its very purpose of working towards the greater good of technological innovation and development in Pakistan, also contributed a little towards the success of MCCT-14. Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Lakhani, C.E.O of Rastek Technologies, was invited as a key note speaker in the capacity of Computer Technologies section and highlighted the Industry-Academic partnership in several areas with particular emphasis on ICT (Click here for presentation) going on in the Modern Computer Technologies.

Some glimpses of the taken at the occasion are given below.

mcct14 mcct14-3 MCCT 14 First International conference

MCCT 14 First International conference

MCCT 14 First International conference

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