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Mr. Mark (Phywe, Germany) Visit of Pakistan

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9th -11th April 2014 at Karachi

Rastek Technologies has always remained a step ahead in bringing quality education and innovative ideas to Pakistani Universities and Students. To serve this purpose, Rastek Technologies invited Mr. Mark Metzbaur, Sales Director for PHYWE Germany for the Americas and the Eastern Region, to visit Pakistan and present PHYWE Products and innovations in different Universities of Pakistan. This time under the theme “Why Natural Science is necessary for Engineering Education

Mr. Mark Metzbaur from PHYWE Germany visited Pakistan from 9th to 11th April 2014 and visited along with Mr. Rafiq Lakhani, CEO Rastek Technologies, some renowned Universities of Karachi and Hyderabad. Some of the Universities visited included;

  1. Mehran University Jamshoro
  2. LUMHS (Liaquat University of Management and Health Sciences)-Hyderabad
  3. Nazeer Husain University –Karachi
  4. HABIB University- Karachi
  5. In-house seminar @ Rastek Head Office

It was a delightful experience having Mr. Mark Metzbaur here in Pakistan and let him share his ideas and PHYWE principals in development and modification of the education standards here in Pakistan. His visit included delivering presentations of PHYWE and its latest products, along with identifying some key elements required to modify existing natural sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) Labs in Pakistani Universities.

Rastek Technologies was very much pleased to entertain Mr. Mark Metzbaur on his short visit to Pakistan and would like to thank him for his consideration in accepting our invitation. We very much look forward to have him soon again in Pakistan.

Some Glimpses of Mr. Mark Metzbaur visit to Pakistani Universities are shown below.


Mr. Mark Metzbaur, Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Lakhani & VC of Mehran University,

Prof. Dr. Aslam Uqaili during meeting at MUET, Jamshoro


Mr. Mark Metzbaur presents at LUMHS University, Hyderabad


Mr. Mark Metzbaur and Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Lakhani with Faculty of HABIB University, Karachi


CEO, Rastek Technologies, Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Lakhani along with Prof. Naseem and Faculty Members at Nazeer Hussain University, Karachi


Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Lakhani, Addressing the Audience at
Nazeer Hussain University, Karachi


Watching the presentation along with Mohammad Ali Bohyo,

Director, Department of Bio medical and other faculty members at LUMHS University


Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Lakhani addressing the participants of

In-House Seminar at Rastek Technologies, Head Office, Karachi


Mr. Mark Metzbaur along with distinguished professors, doctors and faculty members of various Universities at Rastek Technologies Head Office, Karachi

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