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Orbit Booster Pack for the Stellaris® LaunchPad

The Digilent Orbit BoosterPack™ is an add-on board for the Texas Instruments Stellaris® LaunchPad microcontroller evaluation kit. The Orbit greatly expands the input/output capabilities of the LaunchPad, as well as introducing Digilent Pmod™ expansion connectors.

  • Greatly expands the I/O capabilities of your Stellaris® LaunchPad kit
  • Two 1×6 Digilent Pmod™ connectors
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • I2C temperature sensor
  • 128×32 pixel OLED display
  • Analog potentiometer
  • 256 Kbit I2C EEPROM

 Download Orbit Booster Pack reference manual.