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Rastek Online Sponsered “Robocom’16”

Rastek Online Sponsered “Robocom’16”

About Rastek Online

Rastekonline.com is an students’ specific website for Electrical and Electronics engineering. Helping them to guide Learning Electronics by making Electronics projects, DIY kits and student-own products.

Rastek Online is the only online store where students can purchase their required items without having any trouble, they are always welcome to discuss with our experts to get help in their projects and recommendation as well, we are authorized distributors of more than 10 respected principles like M/s. Digilent Inc., M/s. Adafruit, M/s. Abilix, M/s. FayaLab, M/s. K&H and many others.

If you are looking for any item related to the above categories we highly recommend you to visit www.rastekonline.com.

About Robocom’16

Robocom is an initiative taken by the electronic engineering department of the sir Syed University of engineering & technology, providing a platform for students to sharpen their skills. These educational competitions play an important role because it often spurs student to achieve excellence.

In 2012, the first Robocom was organized by Sir Syed University Of Engineering & Technology which was an in-house event. Back then the module was line following robot. The second Robocom was organized in the year 2014 which was based on a theme of robo war. Robocom’14 was an inter-universities event which also included a social event. The third Robocom was of a special category of robo-soccer which was in-house event organized in year 2015.

Now this year organizing committee of Robocom came up with three modules which are as follow
• Line Following Robot
• Robot war
• Quad-o-Race

About Rastek Online Stall

At Rastek Online Stall we featured some great products from our respected principles, As the event was about Robots  so we displayed an amazing learning solution from our principle M/s. Abilix Educational robot C1-5, it’s a brink based solution and you can create more than 15 solutions using it, for more details click here.

Not only that, we featured some other products as well Please check some photos from the event.

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