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14th May, 2015 Mucet Khairpur
Envisioning a Technological Revolution in Pakistan RASTEK TECHNOLOGIES has always been contributing its role in indigenous scientific advancement and technological development of the country. On 14th May, 2105 , RASTEK Technologies set a unique  Power platform,first of its kind, for students and researchers by supplying SCADA based SMART GRID system @ Mehran University College of Engineering And Technology, Mucet Khairpur. Thanks to its various functionalities, the De Lorenzo ,made,Smart Grid laboratory is an incubator of technologies, where students can study and research the individual subjects and then see their integration in a Smart Grid concept of monitoring and control.

This system is basically an “intelligent distribution” of electricity,where Power and information goes on the same Lines, and it knows the consumption of the various end users and to manage the generation and distribution of electricity according to demand. Furthermore, the smart grid knows our requirement of power consumption. When the demand for electricity is at its maximum, the smart grid automatically adapts to the demand by picking up excess energy from many sources to avoid overload problems or interruptions of power.

Technical Experts of RASTEK Technologies Engr. Mahesh, Engr. Ejaz and Engr. Mubarak installed commissioned and Trained Faculty members of university to this unique and intelligent system. Some Glimpses were taken of this system.

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About De Lorenzo
De Lorenzo S.p.A. is the Italian leading Company and among the first in the world in the design, development and production of technical and vocational training equipment.
De Lorenzo S.p.A. operates internationally through its own Companies or through exclusive agents and distributors in almost every country in the world.
Numerous are the technical fields in which De Lorenzo S.p.A. has developed individual equipment or complete laboratories and the range include, but not limited to: Electrical Engineering (e.g. installations, electrical machines laboratories and workshops, electrical power engineering, etc.), Basic Electronics, Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Telecommunications, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Automation, Automotive Technology, Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency, Cathodic Protection, Thermotronics and other technical disciplines that are studied in technical/vocational Institutes and in Universities all over the world.

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