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Yokogawa Change of Company Name


On October 1st, Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation (YMI) began its new steps as Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation.
YMI *is the core company in the Yokogawa Group’s measurement business that is Yokogawa’s historical business since its foundation, and has been contributing the society by providing measuring instruments so-called “mother tools” for industry. With the new company name, YMI aims to enhance its business by responding to recent customer needs such as highly precise measuring instruments for achieving sustainability and new solutions using IoT.
The logo  : Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation


Message from Masaharu Yamazaki, the President of YMI

“By steadily improving its high-precision measurement technologies, YMI will work hard to provide high value-added measurement solutions for the power, optical communications, and IA markets. YMI will keep taking on challenges to spur innovation and develop new markets.”
*The abbreviation (YMI) is not changed.