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RASTEK Technologies announces the formation of a purely honorary advisory board i.e. the Rastek Advisory Board for Technology Advancement (RABTA) the inaugural members, who volunteered their services, represent a broad assembly of technology, education, research and industry experts.


Members of the RABTA will help RASTEK in achieving her noble cause of promotion of higher education and R&D sector in Pakistan by identifying and responding to critical issues confronting today’s educators and researchers, tracking and discussing developing trends in academics and industry and advising on emerging technologies, learning products and innovative solutions for educational and research organizations.


The RABTA will advise RASTEK on future partnerships and alliances with world leaders in theses fields, be an institution, a university, an R&D organization or a technology industry leader.

We are really thrilled to welcome such a distinguished group of educational professionals to RABTA’s brain trust.

We look forward to leveraging their experience and insight to support greater innovation in technology, learning and research.


The launch of this advisory board is but one example of RASTEK’s commitment to meaningfully engaging its talent pool in its efforts to develop a strategic vision for the future of technology and learning.


We are very much pleased and feel privileged to be a part of that engagement process and look forward to contributing ideas and expertise to RABTA’s efforts to increase engagement and achievement.